03 May 2015


Change is good for the soul. It’s

03 May 2015

Change is good for the soul.

It’s also good for the business…

Every business needs to grow, adapt and evolve in order to be successful.
So many things change along the way, and we have to be flexible enough to move with them, change with the times.

Sometimes, the decisions can be difficult. Running a business requires bravery, and enough honesty to admit things need to change.

It could be as simple as a shop front, or more complex like a new marketing strategy or a complete start again.
This is the decision we faced recently. And, in all honesty, we decided we needed not just a rebrand, but a renaming followed by a rebrand.

‘space+room’ just wasn’t hacking it.

It has been difficult to break the emotional attachments to a six year old name, but break them we did, with a thank you and a doff of the hat!

Now, we’re reborn as Rusyn Design, newly named and crafted for where we want to get to.

We hope you like it.

We love it.

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