…that work with thought and ideas as its foundation is more effective,
has greater longevity and is far more successful.
…in starting every project with the speed and flow of pencil and paper,
words and pictures, open minds and unlimited options.
…creativity brings results


First impressions really do matter, and when it comes to potential customers, the first impression is, more often than not, your brand. In other words, your logo and the look and feel of your corporate collateral, be it a business card or a website.

Decisions are quickly made at this point, opinions are formed and trust is gained.

Or lost.

A strong, professional and appropriate brand is essential in ensuring these decisions are all positive.

We create professional, persuasive and effective brands which our customers’ customers trust, buy into and ultimately buy from.


Despite the plethora of electronic devices at our disposal, we all still respond positively to well-crafted pieces of printed material. There’s still something about ink; it has a deep seated allure that is easily forgotten in this digital age.

A great brochure, mailer or piece of packaging stands that, gets noticed, is remembered and is often treasured in a way only tangible items can be.

We create printed pieces which get our customers noticed and remembered.

We also provide a competitively priced full printing service for everything from a business card through to large format and exhibition display.

Our experienced print buyers can beat most print prices and all our suppliers are FSC and ISO140001 certified.


Websites, social media, blogging, email, PPC…

The online world can be confusing and beguiling. A well crafted strategy with appropriate messaging is all-important for insuring a successful online presence. Once these are mastered, existing and potential customers are engaged, interested and driven to your website, ready to purchase.

We design and build compelling easy to use websites, engaging social media, effective email emails etc., which tell your brand story and bring with them a real return on investment.

Clients, a selection

Virgin Media Business
Edison Group
Trenches Law
Modulr Finance
University of Wolverhampton
Dense Air
Green King
Route 39
Bytheway and Co.
Willow Homes and Developments
London Borough of Sutton
Nexus Construction
Ability Net


“After trying numerous London design agencies, none seemed to ‘get’ the brand I had in my head. Andi from Rusyn Design managed to coax the thoughts in my head onto paper which I was delighted with. How he does that, I don’t know… but it’s a true gift. And now, he’s done it twice!”

Craig Hartzel, CEO, Charity Greetings, mebyme

“When it came to relaunching Route 39, the one thing we knew was that we wanted it doing properly, and that meant Rusyn Design. Beyond that, we really don’t know what we wanted, and the brief was very vague. Somehow, Andi, the owner, just got it. Straightaway. ‘Little Mark’, our brand character, is genius. It brings the whole business to life in a really fun and engaging way.

We now have a brand that is perfect for our business. It’s difficult to express just how pleased we are. On top of that, the way the project progressed and the professionalism with which it was handled were exceptional.”

Steve Saul, MD, Route 39

“When we set up On Time Recruitment, we knew we wanted a brand that was very fresh and distinctive so that it would stand out in a crowded market place. The solution delivered by Rusyn Design delivers this in spades. It’s fresh, young and truly unique. It was also delivered quickly and accurately.”

David Warke, MD, On Time Recruitment

“It’s been a real pleasure working with Rusyn Design. Right from the word go they knew what I needed when I didn’t. I’ve been utterly impressed with their ideas and creativity throughout. As a photographer my business is beautiful images, and I now have a brand that reflects this perfectly in a truly unique way. It’s a brand I’m very proud of.”

Neil Walker, Neil Walker Photography